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Metadata Application

Statistical Metadata is a set of information required for development and use of statistical data. They describe the statistical data and, on a larger scale, the processes and tools involved in the use of statistical data. Briefly, the metadata represent information about the statistical data.

The purpose of metadata is to help the user to quickly find the required information and to correctly interpret them and to allow for an easier access, tracking, comparison and comprehension.

The NIS metadata base presents in structured fashion the methodologies on which the statistical researches from the Yearly Statistical Plan are developed by the NIS or other of its associated institution, the definitions of the resulting indicators and of the most useful statistical terms, as well as theoretical statistical information.

The NIS metadata base, the classifications system and the online TEMPO database are connected such that the user can navigate on any of them.
The metadata of the Statistical Indicators describe each indicator by its characteristics i.e.: definition, statistical activities in which the indicator becomes relevant or from which they derive, its source, the linked indicators, end year of time series, mathematical formula and the latest update also.
The link between indicators and statistical activities is interactive such that the user can access its related metadata starting solely from the indicator. Also, starting from just a statistical activity all deriving indicators, the linked indicators and statistical terms can be viewed.
The metadata associated to statistical activities comprise all of the statistical process' key elements: domain, objective, the type of the statistical activity, national and European law framework, the population phenomenon, the method for data gathering, the activity periodicity, the media used for dissemination and the dissemination periodicity, beneficiaries of the result, used classifications, methods for quality assurance, the time frame, history and institution responsible for its deployment, the associated institutions etc. The user can access the methodological documents/instructions for a statistical activity and statistical questionnaires.
The data base query can be composed using the following criteria:

  • For indicator/concept/term:
    • Romanian name;
    • keyword;
  • For statistical activity:
    • statistical observing unit;
    • the territorial data processing profile;
    • periodicity of statistical activity;
    • periodicity of dissemination;
    • used classifications;
    • responsible institutions;
    • publications.

Any modification inside the database creates a history management of an activity, and the user may consult all stages of its development.

The user can print the requested information, as well as export them in PDF format.

METADATA v1.0, National Institute of Statistics - ref: EuropeAid/123275/D/SER/RO PHARE 2005/017-553.03.07.02