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Population and Households Census Application  
The application "Population and Households Census" offers access to individual anonymized records of the whole census data for the years 1992, 2002 and 2011.

The access to data is free to the public, the only prerequisite is to have a valid account.
The unregistred user has access only to already aggregated data, included in the corresponding published volumes of the two censuses.
The amount of data accessible free for the registered users is limited to 10% from the total amount of micro-data. Registered user can define queries and build his own statistical tables, this way.

The access to the query results generated on the complete set of micro-data is paid.
The process of ordering and buying the results is done in several steps that assume the evaluation of the query by the application administrator, setting a price, communicate it to the user and final acceptance after the payment is performed. The steps are accompanied by e-mail notifications, both to the administrator and to the user.

Below are presented the a summary of data which can be queried using this application

Name 1992 Census 2002 Census 2011 Census
Number of records 23.286.794 22.628.665 20.121.641**
Population from households 22.385.717 21.358.796 19.925.035
Number of Dwellings 7.288.676 7.320.202 7.470.429
Number of buildings 4.482.119 4.837.215 5.341.908
Number of households 7.666.181 8.111.391 8.723.699
Number of available indicators 153 202

**) Usual resident population represents all persons having the usual residence in Romania for at least 12 months period of time or they have the intention to maintain the usual residence in Romania for at least 12 months. Usual residence is the place where a person usually spends daily rest period, without having in view temporary absences for recreation, holidays, visits to friends and relatives, business, medical treatments or religious pilgrimages. Usual residence can be the same with the domicile or can be different, in case of persons who choose to settle their usual residence in another locality than that of domicile from the country or from abroad for a specified period of time, at least 12 months.
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