The National Interest Nomenclature Server – SENIN

Classifications/nomenclature reprezent the blocks that form the basis of any national and international statistical system. Thus, it is compulsory for general public and statiscians to have free access to the classifications system. This is the reason for creating the national classifications system by the National Statistics Institute as its national adminsitrator.

What does SENIN represent?

What does SENIN offer ?

SENIN allows its users to view information regarding national interess classifications and the aprooved public version. Moreover, SENIN shows also the following set of data:

  1. methodological guidelines applied when developing the classifications
  2. description of the classifications structure
  3. general overview of the classifications/nomenclature
  4. links to other national and international classifications/nomenclature
  5. other relevant information (example Rules for activities framing, products, etc.)

The content of the SENIN server may be updated along with the development/progress of the classifications/nomenclature, loaded with new classifications/nomenclature as the area of may increase in time.